AUG, 2017.

By Henry Belanun

I hope you know which Suits I’m talking about, yeah…the USA Network Suits.

Oh boy, isn’t it good if every time we just click our fingers and everything we want in life sort of appear in front of our faces in a blink of an eye?

Just like the magicians with their poker cards, “click” and “cha ching”, you know…

Only if that is a reality…hey it can be a very realistic thing – anything we want, but not the-click-our-fingers part and boom it’s there. So, that’s what I want to converse about, how we can go about and get whatever we want. Learning from TV series Suits, literally.

Sure, it sounds like impractically within reach for certain things that we want, but it’s not impossible right?

We all have goals, well I assume that you do. The thing is, it’s the first step to getting what you want. Yes…you can dream, but you have got to wake up. As in my one of favorite Harvey Specter quotes about goals “I don’t have dreams, I have goals”. Without goals, you’re like a Tesla P100D Model S without wheels, a thoroughbred horse cooped up in a stable, a conductor without baton, or a violinist without bow. Ok, in other words, your direction is limited and severely you limit yourself by not having goals.

[Warning: Before we dive in, you might find this shocking and these are only from my perspective point of view]

I want what I want and from the series Harvey gets what he wants. Though this is real life, but need I remind you there are many things we can learn from movies, novels, songs, even TV series like Suits, and of course from my own personal experience. So, here’s an opportunity to learn from the best (I mean Suits lol).


Put it this way, let’s suppose you want to build a superbly engineered and architectural design house overlooking the ocean and you know you’re going to do it, but though without a clear vision, direction, plan and goals you won’t be able to achieve it – PERIOD! Not just your dream house, I can assure you will have a little hope of acquiring whatever else you think will bring you joy in life. Heard of “ideas don’t work, unless you do”? Ok, you have a brilliant idea to build your dream house, but it’s not going to build itself…is it?

Setting up your goal is a powerful implementation. Why? First I know it gives me focus towards getting what I want, and it shapes my dreams for instance. Also gives me the capability to hone in on the exact actions I need to perform to achieve what I freaking want. Not to mention that setting goals provides long-term vision in our lives. So, have goals, set them up in your mind, and write them down – and that bucket lists people call it, that’s your goal.


Some people don’t even have goals in the first place, you do…so you’re flipping killing it. You can have them as long as an Amazon river…who cares. Now the fun part, imagine achieving them? And feeling utterly and completely chuffed; good huh? So, the best way to achieve that is to start small and baby steps your big goals. Remember, you can have your goals as big as you want, like the mount Fuji, but what good does it do if it’s too big to achieve. Break them down – make it a bite-size.


Believe – big word I know, but hey believe you can have it all you want. Be a high achiever, and convinced you can meet or surpass your goals, and beat the odds. Winners, they don’t make excuses. When you have goals you’re awesome, but don’t be one of those low achievers where they equally certain they don’t have what it takes. A result? This might sound rude, tail behind their back and walk away. Often avoid setting goals in the first place.


People usually are used to others cutting to the chase and it’s good to feel powerful, because it shows that you don’t care about anything than achieve your solid goals. If you’ve got your sights set on something, don’t beat around the bush or waste a second – just remember your play the man not the odds and go for it.


At some point we will need some help and when we do…it’s good to have something to give rather than showing up empty-handed. I’m not saying you should give something, but it’s good to do that and make people appreciate. If you don’t know, well you should – people are always more likely to do things for you if you give them an incentive like saying “stick it with a carrot”. Got it? Aha.


This where the shit gets real (pardon my language). You need help, you’ve asked with sincerity, add to that you didn’t come empty-handed, but still…you were refused! What would you do? I certainly don’t give in. Find a way to get what you want, don’t be afraid of a ‘NO’ and use your stick instead. The takeaway? When rewards don’t work, sometimes you need to resort to intimidation perhaps.


You want to write your next New York Times Best Selling novel, want an Audi R8 Coupé or whatever it is you desire…if you don’t to the work, I swear to the ocean and the sky that you won’t even get near your goals, not even a little taste of it. Simple here, do not be a slacker! Yeah, we all work smart these days, but do I have to tell you that hard work pays off? I didn’t think so. Think of how hard Jeff Bezos or Gary Vaynerchuk works, or other successful people around the globe. Take their advice and implement.


Prepare for the worse! It’s not just about the cards you have in your hand; it’s about how you play them. Sometimes things don’t go your way and you fail, but yourself ‘that’s ok’. Perhaps we should say, we didn’t get what we want. Don’t be afraid to fail, if you never fail or don’t have failure it means you simply don’t try hard enough. Success isn’t a highway.


This is when I said, you need to come right back up with your head held high and walk like a prince wearing Prada (even if most of us don’t wear Prada – I certainly don’t). Don’t stuck in your comfort zone forever – when it’s time for you to walk with pride, don’t forget to wear it too. Confidence is the best outfit you can wear, rock it up peeps.


Last but certainly not least, networking. Have many friends as you can, better still family who you can trust and rely on. Yes, entrepreneur or successful people spend a lot of time alone, but they’re not a loner. Don’t be a hermit and celebrate your success, even small. When you achieve your goals, even smaller goals they are the people you want to share it with.

It’s one of the show where you can sit on the couch after dinner with a glass of Rosé or Chardonnay and certainly entertain, laugh, empower and more to that is what you can learn from it. As for those who never have watched Suits, no spoiler but take it from me, it’s the best series I’ve watched.