SEPT, 2015.

By Rex Taylor

I guess if you’re reading this then it maybe applicable to you too given that you’ve watched or are watching the 7 videos from Stuart Ross &/or Jay Kubassek.

Sydney Symphony Orchestra



Anne-Sophie Mutter

Marilyn Horne

Glenda Jackson

Do any of the above tick your boxes ???

Friday last I attended the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall for a concert with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and Guest Soloist – Anne-Sophie Mutter – violin virtuoso….and last night listened to the direct broadcast on Classic FM as THAT is how great the concert was and became almost essential over anything else on offer….my football team having bowed out last week !!!

“Our Fate lies not in the Stars, but in ourselves.”

– Shakespeare –

This, one of Ms Mutter’s comments early in and the interview recorded back in 2014 upon her second visit to Australia. It strikes as a good life ethic.

Her program was all Dvorak, opening with the short but beautiful Romance in F minor Op 11., followed by the Concerto in A minor Op 53 – 3 movements – Allegro ma non troppo, Adagio ma non troppo, Allegro giocoso, ma non troppo. I list the titles of the 3 movements of the Symphony because as, effectively a non musician, they amuse me. Because they mean to be played fast, but not too fast, Slow but not too slow, Playful but not too playful…I mean seriously YOU work it out !!! But it does follow In Search of Excellence !!

But I guess that’s for the Conductor and orchestra members to work out. And work out they did as did Ms Mutter. All to extraordinary and rapturous applause thereafter. As a workout, playing the violin for just on an hour full on, must have been a workout in itself as I remarked in the Interval, my arms were aching from applause of 5 or so minutes much less playing a violin for 60 minutes full on.

Now I must tell you I am no aficionado – I just like classical music and especially as played at this concert.

The second half was Beethoven’s EROICA or Symphony No 3 in E flat Op 55. It was magnificent !! Conductor was a young Czech ‘athlete’ who looked & moved like an expert on the podium and without a score in front of him which I guess only underlined his brilliance (and excellence) – any conductor worth his baton probably knows the EROICA from memory anyway. And like Ms Mutter, was not unpleasant on the eye. His reading of the Beethoven was (I found) terrific, all of which was somewhat allegro ma non troppo.

And thus today I pondered on that Shakespeare quote and my enjoyment of the concert. And took me back to years earlier and some of the higher moments I’ve experienced.

When I was in Les Mis (West End) 1990/91 I had the good fortune to meet and become friends with the amazing Marilyn Horne (read more about her) per favour Mario Frangoulis, the Enjolras and at the time the Maria Callas scholarship holder, brought me to his dressing room to meet La Horne. Her career dubs her as a Prima Donna, to meet her is to experience anything but a Prima Donna. But then I’ve found the GREAT ones have no need for Prima donnerish behaviour nor attitudes….as with Anne-Sophie Mutter if you’re able to access the interview mentioned above. It was back in the early 90’s (1990’s) that I met MH and had several moments thereafter with the great lady. On the occasion of her solo recital at the Royal Opera House when I attended with two mates at the time, and rang in advance to put myself on her ‘guest list’ to allow a visit after the performance. I told my friends Come On let’s go back and ask to meet with Ms Horne and they scoffed but followed.

At the Stage Door, an immense and authoritative stage door man demanded “Can I help you ??” and, having checked the list, and with a huge change in attitude invited us through the door to be escorted through the labyrinth of corridors to La Horne’s dressing room where we joined a queue of approx 30 people waiting. We stood for all of a minute when a lady exited from the dressing room asking for me and when I identified myself we were immediately escorted in….to the chagrin of those ahead in the queue. Ms Horne was so welcoming, she signed all 3 programs, laughed and chatted for several minutes until I begged her excuses as she had many awaiting to greet her. As we walked from the Stage Door to Covent Garden tube, my 2 mates were punching me profusely for having not let on but with full appreciation for the experience.


And then to rewind many years to shortly after I’d arrived In London and before I got into my first West End musical, I’d taken a job as a receptionist in a Harley Street Medical Clinic of several floors and many medical specialists, one of whom – a Doctor Wilkinson I recall – had a contract with an Insurance Company to medically certify Stars to the film industry prior commencement of their contracts. Charlton Heston, Virginia McKenna, Dirk Bogarde and Glenda Jackson were amongst many I met. With Glenda Jackson, Oscar winner etc etc but as normal as normal can be, she actually spoke into a recording I was making for a friend in Australia to put in the mail….he was bowled over when he received it and heard her very unmistakable voice saying HI GORDON with a couple of minutes of idle chat as well. Prima Donna by profession not by nature.

And so In Search of Excellence….

There are so many cliches, sayings, statements from all sorts of areas reference success, motivation and indeed, continuity. And I suggest that, like me, you – the reader are in tune with the motivation of life in a continual search for excellence, for learning more, for moving forward, for never giving up….

I guess also, it’s why we’re into SFM as a stage of that progression forward, of further development, of assisting others, and being, along with them, better individuals.

The outstanding University of Personal Development.

I believe I might be right.






JULY, 2015.

By Rex Taylor

I’ve been reading some interesting information surrounding the impending disaster with Greece and the effects that may/will have on the Global Economy and, in particular the Australian scenario. (And let me tell you right from the outset, I’m no financial guru. I’m just your average ‘Joe’ albeit retired.)

It comes from a book by Jim Rickards (google his name) wherein he makes the following observations (and predictions).

You may or may not recall the last Global Financial Crisis at a time when Australia escaped recession & losses predominantly as the Govt of the day enacted an injection to the economy by giving every household an amount of cash to be spent to stimulate the economy. And by all accounts at the time, the formula worked, notwithstanding one or two minor glitches.

The difference between then & now is that Australia was in the middle of the Mining Boom, an abundance of natural resources and was, it is said, a destination for capital.

However, the mining boom is now over, the price of iron ore has halved, resulting in less revenue for the Australian Government etc., and globally, coal is on the way out. And there seems no real fiscal management happening in Australia to protect the economy. Compared you might argue with some of the Scandinavian countries – but that may be the subject of another blog.

Looking at the USA, the four biggest banks on Wall Street are now over 30% larger than in 2007 — and the five largest American banks hold more than HALF of the total banking assets in the United States. That means they’re even more interconnected. Meaning if one fails, the rest will fail too like a series of dominos. Further, the US government has racked up an enormous debt — over US$18 trillion — DOUBLE the amount of debt that was present before the 2008 fiasco. (lifted straight from a review by Jim Rickards)

This man Jim Rickards seems to have a track record second to none and much of the above comes from a preview of his book THE BIG DROP. (again Google it)

“Doom & Gloom? Perhaps . . .”

My point in writing about all this is the need to have a personal insurance or escape plan to prevent from becoming a victim of the predicted impending global financial crisis.

None of us can predict how another Global Financial Crisis may affect us personally. If you are an employee, will your employer & company survive? And if not, should you become a victim and thrown onto the unemployment sector, how will you then maintain your own personal standard of living, mortgage, car payments, education expenses etc etc etc.

Self Employed . . .

To protect ourselves, is the reason we’ve become seriously involved with digital marketing and have started our own online business. With some of the best training available, coaches & mentors who’ve been there, done it, and joining some of the best, like-minded people  that we’ve come across, the organisation we subscribe to is hugely credible, oozes integrity and provides exactly the platform that ensures our safety from external forces that may inflict damage and heartbreak upon millions globally – sooner or later.

If any of the above has ticked your boxes, get in touch for the way to go.

Rex . . .



I’m Too Old, It’s Too Technical, I Don’t Have Enough Time?


JUNE, 2015.

By Rex Taylor

“I’m too OLD”

It’s time again for me to address some of the more regular comments I receive from many of you and indeed in the last few days.

Hey, you’re on Facebook, How old are you ???

I’m 71 not out (yet) and retired but what does ‘retired’ mean.  I don’t garden, nor do I play golf, belong to a pensioners club/association nor other similar mundane (to me) activities. My (younger) partner & I have joined Six Figure Mentors/ Digital Experts Academy and love it all. It’s stimulating, invigorating and – bottom line – very rewarding. Rewarding not only financially rewarding but more particularly rewarding as we’re constantly leading others to improve their own lives in whatever area they choose. (You might be getting the idea that I’m not your normal 71 yo !!! albeit I am a GrandFather. WTH)

Our Global community numbers approximately 1,000 like minded people (& growing daily), all of whom have differing reasons and motivations for pursuing these ‘studies’.

We followed my daughter (35yo) who became involved about 12 months ago and she has just retired from her full time job as she now earns sufficient from her activities here.

And back to us, we’re happily involved because we wish to travel lots more after 6 weeks last year in Europe with four of those in Italy and there are many more places we wish to see.

So does that address the ‘too old’ scenario? And at 71, I’m certainly not alone in our global community.

“It’s all too technical”

And again I say, you’re on Facebook and really it doesn’t get much more technical than that. Seriously !! And in this day and age of the Internet, whatever you cannot do, one only has to ‘google’ the question, to get the answer. That’s ONE way. The other way is that in the Back Office of the SFM, there is a ton of training and assistance to handle just about everything that one needs to be successful….and being successful with SFM (Six Figure Mentors) means BEING SUCCESSFUL. And it logically follows that with such success, any technical inadequacy if it does surface may be delegated to another person to do it for you….even teach you how to !! There are many websites where people advertise their skills for a nominal fee. “fiverr” is one such site. And more particularly, WE are here to assist at any time something arises to stop progress.

Thus, I hope I’ve covered the ‘too technical’ objection.

“I don’t have enough time”

Now this is more difficult for me to address as I’m retired and still I don’t seem to have enough time to do all I want to. So I cannot speak from a position of authority but I can only try !! And more especially draw on the experiences of those I’m familiar with in our community.

Let me start with my daughter whom we followed into SFM. She lives London (we live in Sydney) and just a week ago ‘retired’ from her full-time employment to devote herself fully to SFM. But over the last 12 months she has made the time to get herself to this happy position. I’ve actually not asked her, but only assume that she’s devoted possibly 2 hours daily to do her learning, her marketing, & her extra courses of study. It’s probably a fair comment to suggest that she became very focussed as she saw the possibilities of how to change her life….and so she has been successful. I would add that, having retired last week, she immediately flew off to NYC to contribute to a new Platinum Group….a more senior level of Digital Experts Academy.

Two more of our community whom I’ve mentioned previously, two brothers, saw the potential, took out a personal loan, left their full time jobs and just a few weeks ago posted that they’ve just hit $200,000 in commissions, all in just over 6 months. Certainly they are two leaders in the community.

Yet another, a housewife and Mother of 2 small children, also saw the potential, devoted herself to the task, made the time, and now she has retired her husband from his full-time employment. They have changed their lives, work less, enjoy it more, devote their lives and time to themselves and their children. This magical Lady does not disclose her earnings but does she have to, given what she DOES disclose !! If she has retired her husband from his full time employment, you work it out.

And as a final PS if you like. Our global community of like minded individuals are the most supportive lot I’ve come across anywhere. And I’ve tried a few things in my time, Network Marketing, Multi Level Marketing etc. It’s marvellous to be part of this group.

“To Fail is hardly an option”

Indeed to join at any level, the attitude if not from your personal coaches then from members everywhere, is that you will not be allowed to fail….it is simply that good.

How would you feel if in 12 months time (or less) you might be reporting similar changes to your circumstances, spending each and every day with your spouse or partner, travelling to parts of the world unknown, upgrading your car to your dream car etc etc etc. The possibilities are endless.

And so to conclude, the starting point to change is to spend $29.95 which is fully refundable within 30 days, if you decide that what you see is not for you. (It’s the price of a bottle of Vodka!!)




Even Rome Wasn’t Built In a Day!


MAY, 2015.

By Rex Taylor

Where to start – What to do – When will I get it done…’s all part of the question.


Have you ever had these thoughts and experiences? Well of course you have, everybody has at one stage or another. And why ?

Possibly borne out of one’s enthusiasm for something, a burning desire to get that thing done and allow you to move to the next stage. In short, Passion perhaps!

Do you ever gaze at buildings, works of art, massive bridges like the Sydney Harbour Bridge and indeed the Sydney Opera House beside it.

These edifices didn’t appear over night.

They began as a thought thence onto a drawing board, plans were made, written down, foundations built and so bit by bit, part by part, they took shape until that great opening day when all was competed to the world’s view.

Similarly, when you have something to do, you go about it in the same way be it so simple that you’re aware of it or not. For example you need to go to the shops for items for dinner. You get dressed, grab your wallet or purse, take a bag etc., is all part of the planning stage. Then you walk or ride to the supermarket etc. etc.

However bigger tasks sometimes can be overwhelming as I’ve recently experienced. You know where to start, you know how much there is to be done, you even know the end result.

You see the end result in your mind’s eye – the reason for wanting to start indeed – and panic because there’s so much to be done in between and the normal reaction maybe Damn it will I ever get there ?

Yes, you shall….if you break things down, stage by stage, plan the development to the final completion.

It will not be an overnight thing perhaps but it will be achieved, you will be successful and derive the benefits of your labours if the task is broken down to bite sized chunks, put together to form an end result. Success !

Anything worth doing is worth doing properly and doing anything properly means planning, stage by stage, step by step to a final conclusion. To procrastinate is to fail, and that’s not a word in our vocabulary.

Life Changing? Hope it is for you.





Reason Why You Can Proceed With Confidence


MAY, 2015.

By Rex Taylor

We proceed with confidence!

My previous blog described our enthusiasm (& love) for our new found endeavor digital marketing under the guidance and training of SFM (Six Figure Mentors) & DEA (Digital Experts Academy). If you want read it, go ahead. CLICK HERE

In that blog I described what my partner and I believe and suggest to be the Twenty First Century way of doing business, of earning huge levels of income, of spending far less time DOING that, stress free, straight forward activity without selling, cold canvassing, tedious follow up etc etc and it being all linked to the Internet upon which minimum 1,000,000,000 people are at any given moment of time ‘surfing’.

Ask SIRI and the research comes up with the possibility & probability of 2,000,000,000 people surfing the net at any time.

It represents ONE MASSIVE market of people seeking people, seeking to improve, seeking to learn, seeking opportunities, seeking WHATEVA….!!!

It presents a totally different PARADIGM and one that many have difficulty getting their heads around. Not so much the numbers of people who may be on the Net at any time, BUT the potential of that market for finding ‘customers’, people prepared to get their credit cards out to pay for something of value. And thus the potential for earning huge amounts – Six Figures in fact – from this market. And when I report that we’ve met many people who earn six figures MONTHLY, therein lies the paradigm shift and the moving away from the 9-5 mentality.

This is the Twenty First Century reality of doing business, online business.

But then it also follows, that many ask is it a Scam, because it IS a huge shift from our lifetime experience – be that long or short – of working for an income – be that income large or small.

If you can cross this paradigm bridge, then you can undoubtedly ‘go for it’. If you have difficulty accepting earning large incomes for less effort, you may have other bridges to cross.

So let me address the subject of a scam.

Unhappily, I’ve been the subject of two scams…..Happily I’ve been saved by the banks.

One was where I paid approximately four amounts of $200 odd and another where I paid out $5K.

On both occasions I made these transactions of my own free will. Both transactions appeared with merit and credibility. But keep in mind I’m a salesman and we’re easily sold to.

And then several weeks later, when I’d accepted I’d been, shall we say, set up, and had accepted the loss of several thousand dollars, I was on the telephone talking to my bank about an unrelated matter and mentioned, for their information, the subject and nature of the scams, not reporting for the purpose of achieving redress, but just to report the nature of the scam.

On both occasions, within 3-4 days, monies appeared in my accounts confirming their actions.

And very grateful I was but then investigated their policies.

I won’t name the banks but they are 2 of the BIG FOUR.

I rang one of them and was told that they have a policy of zero tolerance to fraudulent scams and I guess it possibly comes under a ‘duty of care’ aspect towards their customers. And probably covered by insurance too – make your own investigations. But any suggestion of a scam, and monies are refunded subject to further investigation.

I write all this from my own experience.

But I write it too because SFM / DEA is credible and oozing integrity. It is, as I say, the twenty first century way of doing business. It is NOT a scam. Never a scam.

And so, if it’s for you, then hesitate not, GO FOR IT, with the knowledge and confidence that your efforts may well be rewarded – one has to state this in a compliance context.

I have never seen in any endeavor the levels of training AND support that SFM / DEA offer. Indeed they all but hold your hand until success is at hand – to pardon the pun ???

Any questions, ask away.






Years ago, back in the 60’s or 70’s I first became involved with Multi Level Marketing or as it was more commonly referred to in those days as Pyramid Selling.

The term Pyramid Selling was valid to some methods adopted by some, and was eventually outlawed by legislation as being undesirable – for reasons not necessary to list here.

Multi Level Marketing also known as Network Marketing was adopted by many, and many quite legitimate companies to distribute their usually fabulous products. Some succeeded and sometimes with huge success, others managed subdued success invariably because their product was not ideally suited to MLM given a zero re-order potential.

The general population became very familiar with names like Amway, Herbalife and Avon (Calling) given the high quality of the product range and the suitability for re-ordering which was the basis of the appeal for MLM as an ongoing income stream. As a distributor the task was to establish an ever expanding number of customers who would re-order various products as consumers thus providing the distributor with a regular margin of commission together with margins of commission gleaned from his ‘downline’ of distributors recruited to duplicate the same again & again.

It was a very popular & profitable activity for many sales oriented people. Even better if one was fortunate enough to get in at the beginning, the launch of a new company with a new range of consumables. Not so profitable for late comers unless you were dedicated to recruiting your family, Aunts, Uncles, next door neighbors, work colleagues and the like. And also, to commence as a distributor usually involved a capital investment that had a longish if not impossible ROI potential. Not an impossible task, but more uphill than many would initially envisage. Though it must be said hard work, long hours, often popularity vote-losing activities could prevail to success if an individual had a hard nose attitude, persistence and also sometimes an absence of morality in application of methodology.


Enter twenty first century technology – viz the Internet.

Together with the expansion of associated technologies affording the masses of personal computers, smart phones and more recently smart watches to access the internet.

With these a person can google Where to, How to, Why to and indeed with Whom to, almost anything and anywhere the heart & soul desires. Don’t we know it !!!!

And thus to the present day when at any given moment of time, there may be as many as 2 billion, looks more if I write 2,000,000,000, people surfing the net for Where to, How to, Why to and indeed with Whom to anything the heart and soul desires AND invariably having a successful outcome.


Today – Digital Marketing.

Enter Digital Marketing – The Six Figure Mentors(SFM)/ Digital Expert Academy(DEA) which, as my partner and I claim and maintain, is the world’s best training ground for beginners – any age, any sex, any level of proficiency – or deficiency too if you like !! It is thorough, it is easy to follow, at any speed you wish to pursue with support structures second to none that provide individuals (almost) with a license to print money, but an overall structure that provides a confidence and assurance of success not previously experienced by this author – and many others.

It’s the REAL DEAL.

What it is not is an overnight success story. Persistency, consistency are the operative words to keep in mind. Effort with integrity will bring reward and in a community where there is amazing

camaraderie & support regularly and easily available.

Jump in, the water’s fine. 

To your success, take care.


Rex Taylor

Rex Taylor

Blogger and former marketing officer passionate about helping others.