FEB, 2017.

By Henry Belanun

My main driving force is, “I have dreams, but more importantly, I have goals”. Sure, in 2017 with all the New Year resolutions and goal setting you have going on, do you actually know where to start? I have to admit, if you asked me 2 years ago, f*cked if I know. And admit it, you’ve got goals the length of the Mississippi River (Not that I’m from Mississippi). Financial goals, career goals, health goals…and heck, the most important for me has to be lifestyle goals – it can be a never-ending-list.

Before we get into the how-to, let’s analyze the problem quickly. Many of us have limited beliefs about what we can actually achieve in our lives. And this is where mind-set ‘resetting and rebooting’ becomes relevant. I want to provoke and evoke in you, in case no one has ever told you, that you can have it all! Simple as that, no bullshit!

First of all, I’m no expert myself…yet!!! (But I’m learning from THEM). It’s like a puzzle or a dance, deciding between sipping on a mouth-watering glass of gin and tonic come 5pm, or sitting down nailing my creative goals that have been brewing. Sometimes I just want to zone out rather than tune in.

But, I remind myself, if you truly want something in and for your life, believe you can have it all and just go for it, be unstoppable. And here are my simple steps.

1.     BELIEVE you can!

My gut tells me I can!!!

I dive into my heart and tell myself that I can have that nice Tesla Model S – 100D (in PEARL WHITE), travel around the globe if and whenever I want to, a beautiful house by the ocean, with a multi-million-dollar business.

Whatever it is that you truly, deeply desire, just let your awesome mind and heart know that you want it all, and let it sink into your sub-conscious you are going to get it no matter what. Like I said before, “believe you can have it all” …

I start afresh daily.

I grab myself a small diary, notepad, journal or piece of paper, list down today’s goals, be organized, prep the night before then minimize as much distraction. (signed off the 2016 diary and put it away).


2.     Your Baby Steps – Break the BIG goals down to a set of SMALLER goals.

The best thing I know about having goals is…achieving them and feeling completely chuffed, knowing you’ve made it. Best way to do this is to ‘baby step’ your goals.

Please, don’t misjudge me, what I mean by that is set your goals as high as you possibly can, but start striking the smallest goals you have listed…and break your big goals into a set of smaller goals.

The reason why many people possibly miss their goals is because their goals might have been slightly out of reach, stakes were too high or the pressure was too much to cope with. Perhaps, if you’re like me, you wanted to be a millionaire first year out of college, (not a big deal), but then you realized you still needed a bit of growing up to do or someone to help you stand.

But now, I’m on my way, and getting close…I believe…and of course I’m happy & reckon I’m doing pretty well for 26 yo man. (It sounds arrogant…I’m NOT…just CONFIDENT). But I BELIEVE!!!

Here is what you can do, shift the goalposts a little, bend the rules, cut yourself some slack, but don’t be a slacker. Some people don’t even have goals, so you’re freaking awesome and killing it…and well ahead of the game!!!


3.     Get real, get bigger, GROW SLOWLY but no missing the opportunities.

Remember when I said “many have missed their goals?”

When you set your goals make sure to be realistic, don’t be ridiculous. By ridiculous I mean you aim to be Ryan Gosling’s best friend when you turned 30, write a New York Times bestseller next month, have a million-dollar business coming next month or have a mansion overlooking the city of Sydney at age 26 (unless you’re born rich) etc. etc. (Mind you, you CAN argue that these ARE achievable…if you wish)

So be real, be sensible and allow time to help yourself get bigger.

Now you get the idea and you’re ready to tackle the bigger goals you have.

This might be something you’ve had floating around in the back of your mind for years, maybe your new business idea, maybe you are ready for your ‘time-to-shine’.

All of those will help you achieve your biggest goal. Break it down and take a close look at all the little things you need to do to achieve these goals, and set up a loose timeline, in a flexible way. It is meant to be fun and booming.

Shine a light, show your true colors, do a handstand (or two) – and go.


4.     Be a MASTER PLANNER !!

You see, whether it’s a building, or your business, company, or a brand you are working on, you need a plan…a solid plan. Remember how good it felt to reach a goal no matter how small? When you have a solid plan, no matter how big your goals are, you are actually half way towards achieving them. Always set yourself small milestones along the way from your plan by breaking it into a bite-sized goals, and every time you hit that milestone, celebrate YOUR success!

And please don’t stress out if you don’t succeed. Just take a look into what/when/why you missed it, and move your mini-deadline and think about how you can fix it, and how good it’s going to feel when you do finally tick that box.


5.     Have breathing space

Sometimes running a business and any type of business can be hard and for some people, especially an online business can be tricky when it comes to technology and also can be overwhelming, but that is not a problem with the SFM (Six Figure Mentors). They guide you down the right track – the Community and the support is always there to help you unravel any technical issues you run into, so your focus can remain constantly on growing your online business.

I have to admit, sometimes I do feel overwhelmed myself, or under-inspired. When that happens, I step away from my computer for a couple of hours or a day.

My point is, give yourself a break – slack and grace for a breather will pay serious dividends once you clear your head. When you come back, you feel highly refreshed, calm and ready to tackle whatever it is you’ve set yourself, BOOM!


6.     Follow your god damn ‘GUT’

It works for me when people tell/question me ‘how are you going to do it’ OR they don’t agree with me OR they think my opinion sucks OR it is not good enough’ – and my gut tells me, “Go for it!”. The best medicine ever is to conquer from within, to trust your instinct.

But don’t try to control the outcome of how you are going to achieve your goals, it’s like trying to stop a wave from crashing, it’s almost impossible. What you should be controlling is your choices that you can make.


7.     Celebrate

It is my favourite thing to do and I’m pretty sure it’s yours too. Your day will come, when your goal that felt so far off is finally in your hand, looking right at you, winking at the same time and you got it.

So, it’s time for you to acknowledge your achievement and remind yourself that you ARE amazing, and of course to celebrate a little, or go wild. If you bought a house, throw a party, if you bought a car, drift the hell up and if it’s your project or business you’ve conquered, you deserve to enjoy the feeling of standing on top of it, you’re the boss.

I celebrate every now and then, no matter big or small, big ROI, hit my extra miles in my evening run, or goals yet to come. Thanks to the system (SFM Business System) that has helped me and my business to create my kind of lifestyle. A lifestyle that gives me freedom to do what I want to and what I love, while still operating and building my own empire, at the same time living a life that is limitless for me (never say never).

So that’s what I wanted to share with you, because I believe it will help you tremendously in this roller coaster journey we call life.

Whether your goal is to earn more money, gain more time freedom, take your business to a whole new level, or to create a lifestyle by your very own design, the SFM business system will give you access to anything beyond your wildest dreams.

Now that you’re a pro at establishing your creative goals and seeing them through, dive into it and get cracking!