I’m Too Old, It’s Too Technical, I Don’t Have Enough Time?


JUNE, 2015.

By Rex Taylor

“I’m too OLD”

It’s time again for me to address some of the more regular comments I receive from many of you and indeed in the last few days.

Hey, you’re on Facebook, How old are you ???

I’m 71 not out (yet) and retired but what does ‘retired’ mean.  I don’t garden, nor do I play golf, belong to a pensioners club/association nor other similar mundane (to me) activities. My (younger) partner & I have joined Six Figure Mentors/ Digital Experts Academy and love it all. It’s stimulating, invigorating and – bottom line – very rewarding. Rewarding not only financially rewarding but more particularly rewarding as we’re constantly leading others to improve their own lives in whatever area they choose. (You might be getting the idea that I’m not your normal 71 yo !!! albeit I am a GrandFather. WTH)

Our Global community numbers approximately 1,000 like minded people (& growing daily), all of whom have differing reasons and motivations for pursuing these ‘studies’.

We followed my daughter (35yo) who became involved about 12 months ago and she has just retired from her full time job as she now earns sufficient from her activities here.

And back to us, we’re happily involved because we wish to travel lots more after 6 weeks last year in Europe with four of those in Italy and there are many more places we wish to see.

So does that address the ‘too old’ scenario? And at 71, I’m certainly not alone in our global community.

“It’s all too technical”

And again I say, you’re on Facebook and really it doesn’t get much more technical than that. Seriously !! And in this day and age of the Internet, whatever you cannot do, one only has to ‘google’ the question, to get the answer. That’s ONE way. The other way is that in the Back Office of the SFM, there is a ton of training and assistance to handle just about everything that one needs to be successful….and being successful with SFM (Six Figure Mentors) means BEING SUCCESSFUL. And it logically follows that with such success, any technical inadequacy if it does surface may be delegated to another person to do it for you….even teach you how to !! There are many websites where people advertise their skills for a nominal fee. “fiverr” is one such site. And more particularly, WE are here to assist at any time something arises to stop progress.

Thus, I hope I’ve covered the ‘too technical’ objection.

“I don’t have enough time”

Now this is more difficult for me to address as I’m retired and still I don’t seem to have enough time to do all I want to. So I cannot speak from a position of authority but I can only try !! And more especially draw on the experiences of those I’m familiar with in our community.

Let me start with my daughter whom we followed into SFM. She lives London (we live in Sydney) and just a week ago ‘retired’ from her full-time employment to devote herself fully to SFM. But over the last 12 months she has made the time to get herself to this happy position. I’ve actually not asked her, but only assume that she’s devoted possibly 2 hours daily to do her learning, her marketing, & her extra courses of study. It’s probably a fair comment to suggest that she became very focussed as she saw the possibilities of how to change her life….and so she has been successful. I would add that, having retired last week, she immediately flew off to NYC to contribute to a new Platinum Group….a more senior level of Digital Experts Academy.

Two more of our community whom I’ve mentioned previously, two brothers, saw the potential, took out a personal loan, left their full time jobs and just a few weeks ago posted that they’ve just hit $200,000 in commissions, all in just over 6 months. Certainly they are two leaders in the community.

Yet another, a housewife and Mother of 2 small children, also saw the potential, devoted herself to the task, made the time, and now she has retired her husband from his full-time employment. They have changed their lives, work less, enjoy it more, devote their lives and time to themselves and their children. This magical Lady does not disclose her earnings but does she have to, given what she DOES disclose !! If she has retired her husband from his full time employment, you work it out.

And as a final PS if you like. Our global community of like minded individuals are the most supportive lot I’ve come across anywhere. And I’ve tried a few things in my time, Network Marketing, Multi Level Marketing etc. It’s marvellous to be part of this group.

“To Fail is hardly an option”

Indeed to join at any level, the attitude if not from your personal coaches then from members everywhere, is that you will not be allowed to fail….it is simply that good.

How would you feel if in 12 months time (or less) you might be reporting similar changes to your circumstances, spending each and every day with your spouse or partner, travelling to parts of the world unknown, upgrading your car to your dream car etc etc etc. The possibilities are endless.

And so to conclude, the starting point to change is to spend $29.95 which is fully refundable within 30 days, if you decide that what you see is not for you. (It’s the price of a bottle of Vodka!!)