The problem we have with SELF PRESERVATION!


JUNE, 2015.

By Rex Taylor


The world is changing….& I don’t mean just climate change….but that too.

The economy, our careers, work & employment nature of things is changing. In many ways, there are no guarantees of continuity anymore. It maybe all performance based – as it always was – but even performance is no longer a guarantee of continued success.

Thus, how do we ensure our own future, to insulate our own ability to withstand these changes, to have the flexibility to accommodate change, to be able to live, travel and develop an individual ability AND financial ability despite whatever changes impact.


It is why my partner and I are very grateful for the opportunity that comes with our being part of SFM / DEA – a small but ever growing global community of like minded individuals seeking self preservation through self employment – and this opportunity is one of the best because the focus is primarily towards helping others.

My personal thesis is that my personal power evolves from the power of my bank account and the freedom that a larger bank account provides.

And our involvement with SFM / DEA is our entry to building our bank account and thus our personal freedom.


Over the last few years, the world has changed, not just a little, but dramatically. The broken of traditional economy, new emerging of digital economy. That’s why The Six Figure Mentors is the key to the new digital economy for me and my partner. We’re close to many who are doing this so effectively right now.

It is not an overnight thing, they’ve been at it for several months which is not to deny that some manage success in as many weeks…it can be all very subjective. So the conclusion comes to “not knowing when the dawn will come, open every door”

It’s not just about making money, it’s about your freedom that everyone deserve. It could be life changing – for the better. It certainly requires a paradigm shift in one’s thinking.