FEB, 2016.

By Rex Taylor

The dictionary defines Passion as an intense emotion, a compelling enthusiasm and thus it follows almost naturally that it also becomes Enjoyment too.

A friend asked me the other day when we were chatting about the 2 years I spent in Les Mis in London, how did we manage to perform the same thing night after night indeed 8 times a week.

And bottom line, it came down to Passion & Enjoyment….combined with a degree of professionalism too. Certainly, in those days (1990/91) Les Mis was attracting full houses as it probably still does in London at the marginally smaller  Queens Theatre in Shaftesbury Avenue.

Twenty Five years ago….Thirty years since it opened…!!!

And interestingly, from the front of house front of the theatre, we can see ‘Dream the Dream’…

And that has huge resonance here too.

Dream YOUR Dream, pursue it with Passion & Enjoyment. And if you’re fortunate, you achieve something in life that few people do !!!

Which leads onto the question….

Is your life full of PASSION ????

Loved ones aside (though not exempt of course), do you have a passion for your work, career, day to day activity ???

And if not WHY NOT ??? If you do not leap out of bed to face every day then….???

I know the routine of 9-5 Monday – Friday but even when I was in that scene, I did it all with a PASSION.

Anything less and it’s DRUDGERY !!!

It’s why I’m thrilled to have been led in the direction of

SFM (Six Figure Mentors) & DEA (Digital Experts Academy).

The training is second to none. It’s with people who have been there done it, or ARE THERE, DOING IT more especially. 1,000+ like minded people all around the world who are changing their lives every day, from helping others to change their lives similarly, to writing blogs like this and sending email to new friends and associates, to building their own Online Businesses and earning HUGE amounts of commissions in the doing.

You might think that to join SFM and/or DEA is a large amount of money….with monthly subscriptions too…but I‘ve yet to meet or come across any member who thinks this. Because and not only because, once a member, there is SO MUCH MORE to be discovered in what we call the ‘Back Office’.

There is additional – & extensive – training that will keep you occupied for days if not weeks.

Every night of the week there are further training webinars – depending on where you are & what time zone you maybe in, will dictate what time for you.

Webinars on Marketing by founding members who know the drill, who are earning millions in the process. It’s all there for the taking and for what is served up, the monthly subscription is nothing at all….and especially so considering the many income streams that can result given your interest and motivation and desire to work it.

There are countless websites on the Net and many are scams. Many are legitimate for increasing your knowledge & income but, by far, this is the best. Digital marketing any item or product of your choosing – or simply being an affiliate marketer for SFM / DEA.

We’re here to assist you to a life changing activity.

Just call when you’re ready…..!!!